Wednesday, 1 June 2011

German Technology: Adler schreibmaschine

 This Adler Universal office model from 1956 is built like a tank and built to last. It types so beautifully with a light touch & quick keystroke action. It was found in a vintage shop in Toronto's Junction for a good price. It has numerous tabulation functions, line spacing that increase by 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 as well it can type in a d o u b l e space manner between characters on the fly. It has a large slot-machine style sheet feeder levers pictured in the last two pics. This machine is a surprise favorite of mine. I will review my Adler Primus in another entry. 

Smith Corona Silence is Super

 The Smith Corona Silent Super is one of SC's finest models. Solid and reliable. I am getting used to its textured gunmetal gray finish with distintive Green stripes, keys, logo and paper table. It sits solid while typing unlike some other portables. I will have to dedicate a section on this site to cover the cases for each machine, often as distinctive as what is stored inside. As I become more familiar with collecting, by a glance at the case alone I know what make I am dealing with. I have yet to cross-reference the serial number but know that this machine would have been manufactured in the early '50's.  

I II Took these shots beneath a halogen lamp with no flash. When I read about a machine found in the trash, or those bought only for their keys for crafters, it breaks my heart. I really do love these machines.

Hermes, you're my baby now.


This Hermes originated in an estate sale on Long Island and was/is in near mint condition. Its sleek profile can be seen in these pics. It is from the '50's and is that great minty green colour; I can picture one of these Rockets being used on a train in Europe or at a small cafe on the Left Bank. Yes there is a romantic aura that surrounds collecting typewriters, I cannot help but feel this nostalgia when I am using them today. Made by Paillard & Co. in Yverdon, Switzerland, these machines are highly collectible mostly because of its solid build, unusual colour and reliability. I own several Hermes and will post those images later.